• IMG_0511

    Black lace and brooch headpiece

  • IMG_1162PS

    Art Deco Great Gatsby crystal headband with pearls

  • IMG_9716

    French beaded and crystal bridal or Great Gatsby headband

  • IMG_9734

    Great Gatsby Bridal crystal filigree and black feather headband

  • Christine Bentley Photography

    Great Gatsby Pearl and Rhinestone Bridal Headband and Belt

  • IMG_6168PS

    “Rainfall” Bridal Belt or headband with silver chain and crystal chain

  • IMG_8491

    Pewter Chain Rainfall Velvet Bridal Belt

  • IMG_7771

    Great Gatsby White Feather Brooch Hair Clip

  • We're wedding photographers and we love it!

    Great Gatsby “Gretchen” Bridal Crystal Chain Feather Headband

  • IMG_6160PS

    Metal and Jeweled Rainfall Chain Headband

  • Bettys Bs 153-1wm

    Champagne Crystal and Beaded Stretch Headband


    Steam Punk fringe Hat Fascinator Headband